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Dough calculator with baker's  percentage

Bakers percent GIF.gif

Just input the percentages of your pizza dough, the number of dough balls you want to make and the weight of the single dough ball

The spreadsheet returns the total amount of dough and the exact doses.

More details on baker's percentages in this video.

No knead pizza dough timetable

GIF Timetable.gif

Input the time you want to eat and the spreadsheet will tell you when to do what. 

Recipe with full explanations in this video.

Pizza dough by pan size

GIF Dough by size.gif

Input the size of your pan and the prefer thickness of the pizza to get the exact amount of dough you should prepare.

Recipe of the dough and full explanations are in this video.

Simple pizza dough calculator

GIF Free calc.gif

Choose how many dough balls you need, their weight and choose the type of flour you use. The spreadsheet returns the exact doses of all the ingredients. If you need help, you can find video instructions here.

Full pizza dough tutorial in this video.

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