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Ciao! I'm


I am a pizzaiolo and a teacher! 🍕

I started making pizza when I was a kid, under Mamma's watchful eye, and I baked a lot of pizzas since.

I was always obsessed with pizza, to the point where I quit my corporate job and entered the pizzeria to work there full time. To be honest, my ultimate goal was to eat pizza every day for the rest of my life! 😅 However, it turned out I was learning pretty well, and knowing that I was making loads of people happy was extremely fulfilling!

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I worked in 7 restaurants, both in Italy and in London, moving all the way from the position of "that-newbie-we-just-hired" to that of Head Chef 👨‍🍳

As I truly believe that you never know enough and there's always something new you can learn, I never stopped studying pizza making: I listened to several pizza Maestros, attended courses and masterclasses and read many, MANY books 📚

Actually I also wrote my own, obviously called "Fabioulous Pizza", that happened to become an Amazon Best Seller during the launch's day 🚀

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I left the restaurant a while back, but pizza still puts food on my table - pun intended!
In fact, I teach people how to make their own pizza, in person (at least before the covid era, hopefully I will delete these words soon), virtually and via my Fabioulous Video Course, the highest rated course on Udemy 🔝

Apart from pizza, I also like cooking in general, electronic music, 80s pop culture, fantasy books, horror movies, retrogaming, eating gelato, a good conversation with myself, football, finance, cats, lizards and the sea!

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