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Fabioulous Pizza - The Book

As a pizza chef and a very curious person, I never stop learning about pizza.


Pizza might be quite a simple dish, but this doesn't mean you should stop looking for new lessons to fine tune your skills, right? And this is why, a while ago, I decided to attend a masterclass with pizza Maestro Tony Gemignani, 13 times world champion.
The size of my smile should tell you how happy I was!

Cover 3D.png
Tony Gemignani CROP.jpg

The Realisation

During that masterclass, not only I had the chance to increase my knowledge, but I also realised how much I already knew! So I thought I wanted to share what I have learned during my years in the pizzeria.
I started just on my social networks but then I wanted to feel closer to people and "get into their home", in particular on their bookshelf! Fast forward a few months, my first book has finally landed on Amazon and, on the day of the launch, I became a best seller author 🍾

Best Seller#1.jpg

Stars are raining ⭐

As with my video course, my book has also received excellent feedback. The great majority of the reviewers gave it five stars and, judging from the lovely words they wrote, I think it's fair to say that I've made many people happy - see it yourself, browse the reviews down here.

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