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Authentic italian pizza at home

➡️ Making pizza is easy—even making good pizza is easy. However, there are many little things you should know about mixing flour, water, yeast, and a pinch of salt. Once you understand these details, your pizza-making skills will skyrocket, and you will surpass some "real" pizzerias. Thanks to this course, you will be ready to offer your friends and family a true, authentic, absolutely Italian pizza, crafted to perfection in your kitchen! ➡️ Who is this course for? This course is primarily designed for beginners, as it explains the fundamentals of pizza making. However, it's also ideal for those who have already baked several pizzas but still don't understand why certain things happen—or don’t happen—when they make pizza. ➡️ The approach: DIY and practical You won't be asked to buy any fancy tools, and you certainly don’t need one of those specialized ovens like Ooni, Gozney Roccbox, and the like. You can bake a great pizza without them.


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